14 Video Game Restaurants That We Wish Existed IRL

Stomping Koopa Troopas. Slicing Moblins. Blasting Metroids. Headshotting T-Virus Zombies. Saving the world from the forces of evil is hard, hunger-inducing work. And sometimes, eating on the…

Photos: Flickr/ awee_19, Wikimedia Commons

Ridiculous Mashup Foods of the Week

We’re living in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday. To help you keep up with all the new hypebeast snacks on the scene, we’ll be doing a weekly …

Sweet and Spicy Pretzel and Nut Mix. This mix blows any store-bought snack mix out of the park. The recipe boasts a long list of spices, but they all work together to create something crunchy, spicy, and satisfying. 
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DIY Snacks To Power You Through The Workday

You know that feeling. You’ve starving and it's really damn irritating; at the same time, you’re drifting off, and you definitely wish you were on a couch rather than at your desk. The office …