In the footage above, what initially looks like an average tussle turns into one of the most intense fights we’ve seen at the chain (and, sadly, the Internet has now shortage of Burger King brawls).

The fight begins outside of a Burger King in North Carolina. Restaurant-goers begin to congregate by the window to get a good look at what’s going on. The group of heated North Carolinians begin chasing and punching one another. About halfway through, you can see a girl clutching her arm after being tossed back and forth by her ponytail.

But it isn’t until the brawl moves inside that the real action happens.

One side begins encroaching on a group that seems to be pleading for the fight to end. A boy lifts up a chair in defense, while another goes all out and straight-up chucks a high chair at his enemy, who then throws the chair back at his opponent twice as hard.


This reignites the fire of the slowly dying fight as people begin pushing and shoving one another again. Then, someone brings out a pole and begins beating people with it.

“Typical day at Burger King in Charlotte,” says the cameraman.


The fight once again moves back outside, where the fighters are greeted by the police. End scene.

[via YouTube]