Hot Ones fixture Camera Guy Bill and Tasty creator Inga Lam bring you the spicy —and shoppable—world of Hot Ones – all the delicious, daring, and even cozy ways to bring the spiciest interview show home! 

Hot Ones Boneless Chicken Bites 

Now, you can live the show and create your own Hot Ones lineup at home with our official Hot Ones sauces paired with all-natural Boneless Chicken Bites. 

From the mild Classic to the smoky heat of Los Calientes, you can take on the #HOTONESCHALLENGE—visit to learn more about all the Hot Ones flavors and learn how to host your own Hot Ones party at home!

Truth or Dab: The Game 

Put your friends on blast and burn bridges with Hot Ones Truth or Dab: The Game! You’ll battle your way through friend trivia, get roasted, and tell hard truths. With 250 cards worth of cringe-worthy questions, answering may be less painful than suffering through a spoonful of the hottest sauce on Hot Ones: The Last Dab. Put your buds (and taste buds) on blast while living the Hot Ones tradition – if you dare! Shop now. 

Hot Ones Season 19 10-Pack Briefcase

Spice Lords everywhere, rejoice! Now you can live the tradition with the full Hot Ones lineup in one pack. The ultimate hot sauce gift set, our 10-Pack briefcase box comes with everything you need to recreate the Hot Ones challenge at home (just add wings).

The Hot Ones Season 19 lineup features the debut of The Classic: Chili Maple, Los Calientes Barbacoa, and The Last Dab: Apollo. Featuring a branded gift box and accompanying tasting notes, this is the hot sauce gift pack every spice lover needs.

Hot Ones Classic Trio

The full line-up of our number 1 sauce spot on Hot Ones, it’s the Classic Trio! Dabble in the world of spice with our original Classic with Chile de Arbol pepper, the Classic: Garlic Fresno edition, and the newest addition to the family, the Classic: Chili Maple, perfect for heating up those fall recipes. 

Hot Ones Official Merch

Wear it proud! There’s no better way to rock your love of the hottest interview show around than with our signature beanie, ultimate long sleeve, and for the daring, our I Survived the Last Dab tee!