“If someone has a gas grill, I don’t forgive you,” says Queens-based rapper Meyhem Lauren. “The friendship is terminated.”

Declarations like Meyhem’s remind us that grilling is deeply personal. That’s why in our debut episode of Grilling Sessions, we invited Chef Kwame Onwuachi to make a meal inspired by Meyhem’s upbringing in Queens—a global tour of Korea, China, and Jamaica in the form of skewers.  

“Queens is like the whole world in one borough,” says Meyhem.

As Kwame whips up Jamaican jerked jackfruit, Korean mushrooms, and Chinese eggplant, the two set some backyard grilling ground rules: “When the grill looks like a good Air Max 95—gray with that orange on the bottom—you know it’s time to cook.”

Check out the video above to see how these New York natives level up their grilling and prepare the ideal summer feast for friends and family.