The power of pizza cannot be denied. For as much as it has the ability to unite all walks of life, it can just as easily inspire the most vicious kind of food rancor. Cue the age-old debate: Chicago deep-dish versus the N.Y. slice, where opinions about the semantics ("it's a casserole!") and good taste are firmly entrenched in regional warfare. 

While we enjoy the intellectual sparring, we decided to take it one-step further: eat the N.Y. and Chicago pizza side-by-side for parity's sake. 

As always, the folks at home get to have the last word. Does the New York slice still reign supreme, or have we been sleeping on Chicago deep-dish this entire time? Let us know which pie you think is the people’s champ, and tune in every Tuesday for a new episode of Bite Fight.

If an official taste test is what you need to score this matchup, peep the recipe below for the perfect Seagram’s cocktail to pair with these New York and Midwest staples. 

 “Gin & Tonic’”

  • 2 parts Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin

  • 4 parts tonic water

  • Pour ingredients over ice in a highball glass
  • Garnish with a lime wedge