After turning heads in Tokyo and flooding Instagram feeds in the U.S., Japan's legendary wagyu katsu sando has finally landed in the states. Sold at SakaMai in NYC for a whopping $85 a pop, the ultra-luxe steak sandwich is a flashy dish that seeks to transcend the usual trappings of Internet-famous foodstuffs.

Made with A5 Miyazaki wagyu—some of the finest beef produced in Japan—the dish takes a beautifully marbled piece of meat and cranks the decadence up to 11, deep frying the fillet in panko breadcrumbs before slathering it in a Worcestershire-like sauce. Merging steakhouse extravagance with deli-counter convenience, the sizzling beef is served between two delicate slices of Japanese milk bread. Whether you're a Japanese beef aficionado or just thumbing through your IG, the wagyu katsu sando is a bucket-list item for steak lovers everywhere.

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