Daym Drops and Jean-Paul Bourgeois are back for another round of Bite Fight, pitting regional heavyweight icons against each other. This time, we’ve got a bone to pick: Carolina whole hog vs. Texas brisket.

In many ways, Texas brisket has become the most iconic cut of barbecue. People will happily beeline to legendary joints like Franklin in Austin, withstanding hour-long lines to taste the beautifully rendered fat. This mania for superlative brisket ushered in a new era of "destination-worthy" barbecue. But Texas' neighbors to the east—Carolina to be exact—believe that the best barbecue comes from a pig. Whole-hog cooking is barbecue's oldest tradition, and therefore its most pure. 

It's time to settle the score once and for all between these two Barbecue Kings. Let us know which meat you think is the people’s champ, and tune in every Tuesday for a new episode of Bite Fight.

If an official taste test is what you need to score this matchup, peep the recipe below for the perfect Seagram’s cocktail to pair with these BBQ icons. 

“Berry Fly”

  • 1 part Seagram’s Lime Twisted Gin

  • 2 parts fresh cranberry juice

  • Pour ingredients over ice in a rocks glass
  • Garnish with a lime wedge