Sean Evans teams up with party legend Andrew W.K. and "pizza czar" Anthony Falco for a very special mission: Is it possible to recreate Pizza Hut's most iconic menu items at home? From stuffed-crust pizza to the chain's legendary pan pie, our heroes learn how to make a couple of pizza-party classics without calling up the delivery guy. Then, as an ode to some of the chain's wild, international pizza offerings, Falco unveils a chorizo-topped taco pie with "nacho-bite" crust.

Made with butter-filled dough and heaps of melted mozzarella, these throwback menu items open a portal to the pizza-party heydays of 1995. Will Andrew and Sean quit their day jobs to become fast-food pizzaiolos, or ruin their next dinner with some lack-luster cheesy crust? Watch an all new, nostalgia-packed episode of SITW and find out.

And for those watching at home without a slice in hand, take comfort in the wise words of Andrew W.K.: "Every party is a pizza party, even if there isn't pizza there."

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