For anyone swearing off red meat in 2018, The Don and Chef P have you covered for your first meal of the New Year.

While some folks at home may fall into the trap of focusing on the crust when preparing a salt-baked bronzino (or branzino if you’re in Northern Italy), Ghetto Gastro pour their energy into what enters the fish. Stuffing the fish cavity with thyme, garlic, and his signature spice mix, as well as a few slices of meyer lemon, Chef Lester Walker—aka “The Don”—sets his fish off with an “aromatic, herby flavor” once fully baked. The salt coating keeps the moisture inside the bass while not permeating the fish’s tough skin, making sure the bronzino is cooked perfectly without being overly seasoned.

Start your year off with something fly and impress a date with this elegant dish parsed from Italy by the homies at Ghetto Gastro.