“With a new year, comes new tears,” chef Lester Walker says as a kickoff to the finale of Food Skills at Home with Ghetto Gastro. It's an emotional time, so what better way to bid farewell to 2017 than with the traditional end-of-year meal known to mean good luck and prosperity?

While there are many delicious ways for getting your peas and greens together, Les decides to go with a healthy and crunchy twist on the staple, creating a collard green and scallion salad topped with fried black-eyed peas. Taking notes from Korean cooking, Les devises a salad dressing that includes red miso, gochujang, ginger, vinegar, olive oil, soy sauce, and honey. And by frying his black eyed peas in potato starch and coconut oil, the Ghetto Gastro crew member gives the Southern staple an extra nutty crunch that really sets this dish apart.

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