There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a quality night of S.D.E., or sports, dinner, and entertainment for the uninitiated. Ghetto Gastro’s Chef Mac knows a thing or two about said occasion and comes at us with a fresh take on a classic tortilla recipe.

Mac’s Chickpea and Grilled Cheese Tortilla is a multi-pronged effort but nothing so difficult that even the most amaetuer of chefs couldn’t handle. While the basics of the recipe are the same as they are for any tortilla dish, Mac puts his nuance on display with a garbanzo bean sauce replete with garlic, miso paste, ginger, cayenne, and onion powder, as well as a sour cream infused with lime juice and avocado.

The final result is a mouthwatering comfort food that will be sure to tide you over while your favorite team does all the real slicing and dicing.

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