Ghetto Gastro always reps the Bronx in their Food Skills at Home series, so you knew they would bust out the platanos eventually. A census conducted in 2010 showed that the Bronx is the only borough of New York City with a Hispanic majority, with 53.5% of the Bronx's population hailing from Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin.

In “Banana Clips,” chef Lester Walker pays homage to his family’s Puerto Rican heritage, with an updated take on a tostones recipe he learned from his aunt. While the basics remain intact, he updates the traditional recipe by adding coconut oil and demonstrating a MacGyver-level hack for flattening plantains.

The recipe is quick, simple, and ideal for a date night because—as Lester puts it—“you cook it with time and a lot of love.” So grab a drink, put on the game, and get close to someone you love as you watch these plantains crisp up like they’ve been sunbathing on South Beach.

To get the full recipe, head to Martell’s holiday Hometainment hub.