With Thanksgiving in the rearview, the nebulous period between holidays can feel a bit weird. Your best bet is to try to hibernate and conserve energy before the next function. But just because you are resting up doesn’t mean your cuisine has to flounder.

While not the most seasoned of the team’s members, Ghetto Gastro’s Jon Gray—a.k.a., "the dishwasher"—knows his ingredients. This simple "stashbox" recipe for a kitchen-sink breakfast sandwich includes a fresh croissant, artichoke-and-garlic dip, fresh parmesan, and of course, the finest smoked salmon you can get your hands on. If you happen to be in the New York City-area, Gray recommends Russ & Daughters or Sadelle’s for that real primo lox.

Oh, and be sure to don multiple durags in the kitchen. That's the secret ingredient.

For the full recipe and more, head to Martell’s holiday Hometainment hub.