When it comes to home entertainment, sometimes less is more—a quiet night at home with the familiarity of your couch and classic comfort food. But just because something is simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

In the third installment of Food Skills at Home with Ghetto Gastro, we explore the world of “Shrooms and Goons” as the culinary collective puts its spin on mushroom toast. Constructed by Ghetto Gastro’s Pierre Serraootherwise known Chef P—this colorful take on a relatively easy meal contains a variety of fungi: oyster mushrooms, pink oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, and shaved truffles. Learning the art of cooking in Italy and Barbados, Chef P’s instructions are nuanced yet straight-forward enough for even the most inept of kitchen-dwellers.

Follow his advice, and you’ll be sure to be a hit in the kitchen this fall.

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