For five years now, the New York City Hot Sauce Expo has existed as a kind of ground zero for Scoville mania in the U.S. Over the course of two scorching hot days days, some of the country’s biggest chili heads gather in Brooklyn to slug hot sauce, pop peppers, and let their capsaicin-soaked freak flags fly.  

As your fearless guide into the world of pain-inducing condiments, Hot Ones host Sean Evans took it upon himself to mingle with the masses at this year’s expo. Lovingly referred to as the "Slayer concert" of hot-sauce festivals, the event is a Marvel vs. Capcom mashup of Hot Ones characters—from the guys behind Homeboys Hot Sauce and Heatonist to High River Sauces’ Steve Seabury and Carolina Reaper mastermind Smokin’ Ed Currie.

Watch the video above to see Sean cannonball into the deep-end of this hot sauce-obsessed subculture.

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