It’s no secret that America’s craft beer scene is heating up. From Ballast Point in San Diego to Pipeworks in Chicago, breweries all over the country are adding chipotle peppers, ancho chiles, and habaneros into the mix in the hopes of giving their suds a bit more bite.

As Hot Ones fans know, where spice goes, Sean Evans quickly follows. With the help of Lineup Brewing’s Katarina Martinez, our pepper-obsessed leader set out to explore the growing trend of Scoville-kissed porters and IPAs.

Seated at Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village—where Sean nearly OD’ed on Carolina Reapers with Chili Klaus—the Scoville superhero pushed through some very real post-traumatic stress in order to bring you the facts about spicy beer.

Beer cans explode, hot takes abound, and Sean ultimately crowns a chile-brew king.

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