By now, Sean Evans is practically an honorary Londoner. After eating hot sauce with Russell Brand, testing the pengest munch with the Chicken Connoisseur, and hanging with Big Lew from the infamous Burger Gang, Sean is one step away from applying for full British citizenship.

In the final installment of Mr. Evans’ most recent U.K. excursion, the Hot Ones host decided to sit down with a true London Town legend: DJ, producer, and radio host Charlie Sloth.

Going wing-for-wing with the “best looking fat guy in the universe,” Sean gets a crash course in British slang from one of the hardest working men in the U.K. hip-hop scene.

As the mastermind behind BBC Radio 1’s world-famous "Rap Show"—as well as the legendary "Fire in the Booth" freestyle series—Sloth is used to watching people spit hot flames. Still, nothing could prepare the presenter for the awe-inspiring heat contained in hot sauces like Blair's Mega Death and Pain 100%.

Watch the video above to see Sloth sweat his face off in a bright yellow windbreaker.

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