Self-professed “jizz jazz” artist Mac DeMarco is a pretty chill dude. Raised in Edmonton, Alberta, the Canadian singer-songwriter enjoys the simple things in life: chain smoking cigarettes, drinking cheap cans of beer, and leaving strings of clever, nonsensical hashtags on the Internet.

Still, even the chillest dude in the Great White North is no match for the chile pepper-packed octagon that is the Hot Ones challenge.

Dressed in his usual uniform of “hobo chic,” DeMarco went wing-for-wing with Sean Evans until the Scoville showdown finally forced a single tear to stream down his cheek. Along the way, the singer plugged his new album, This Old Dog, shrugged off America’s most annoying foodie trends, and explained what it means to be a gap-toothed icon alongside Mike Tyson and Madonna.

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