Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a certified maniac. Over the course of his 53 years on this planet, the Cuban-American comic has gone to jail, been attacked by dogs, and—if his stand-up is to believed—done enough schedule one narcotics to kill a small horse.

Still, no amount of living can prepare one for the capsaicin-packed gauntlet that is the Hot Ones challenge. While our fearless host Sean Evans stayed calm, cool, and collected under pressure, Diaz’s body literally rejected the mind-numbing intensity of hot sauces like Mad Dog 357 and Pain 100%, pumping buckets of sweat out of his pores and onto our otherwise pristine set.

When Diaz wasn’t busy blowing his nose, wiping his brow, and dunking his wings into a personal stash of blue cheese dressing, the comedian launched into one insane, F-bomb filled tirade after another.

Unpredictable, foul-mouthed, and sweat-stained, Diaz exemplifies what Hot Ones legends are made of.

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