You already know what it is. Coming at you live from a used couch in Midtown Manhattan, co-hosts Sean Evans and Ellie Lee are here to breakdown the wildest f*ckery the culinary world had to offer this week.

It’s only Episode 2 of Empty Calories, and already the food-game Regis and Kelly are stepping up their reporting chops. Preparing for his next job as a foreign correspondent, Sean surprises everyone by traveling to foggy North London for a candid sit-down with the man, the myth, the legend—the Chicken Connoisseur. After a much-needed crep check, the transcontinental poultry pros bond over life in the YouTube limelight.

Back in New York, Ellie is left to man the ship on her own, and takes the reigns without looking back. After a touching tribute to rapper and Big Mac aficionado Fatboy SSE, Ellie launches into a blistering (and necessary) tirade against the $2,000 gold-topped pizza from NYC’s Industry Kitchen.

Even with an ocean between them, you can’t break these two apart.

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