You’d think after a whole season of hanging out with Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg would have a better idea of what goes into some of our favorite foodstuffs. But keeping up with his recurring series on Jimmy Kimmel Live, "Howz It Mizzade," the rapper once again watches in awe as a factory churns out seemingly inedible globs of glue.

“Uhg, it looks like ‘The Blob’! Remember that movie ‘The Blob’?” Snoop says as a worker dumps the goop out of a bowl. “OK, now he taking some hot bumble bee pee and mixing it with some flour.”

Some of Snoop’s other guesses include throw-up, frisbees, and some kind of substance he used to smoke back in the day (we’ll leave that last one open to interpretation...). But seeing as this is a holiday edition of  "Howz It Mizzade," once stripes of red are mixed in with the solid white candy, Snoop is able to put two and two together fairly easily.

“I’m never eating a candy cane again, ‘cause that was bullshit right there,” the rapper concludes. “Fuck that. That was a candy cane? Merry Christmas and ho ho ho.”

Maybe just stick to the eggnog this year.

[via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live]