If you're a fan of Hot Ones, then you should automatically be a fan of Drink Champs podcastNot only do the two show share many of the same hip-hop legends in common as guests, but they also know that the realeast conversations require a little lighter fluid to get things going. In the case of Hot Ones, it's violently spicy wings; on Drink Champs, it's a whole bunch of liquor.

As a Hot Ones superfan, N.O.R.E. knew what he was getting himself into when he sat down in front of the Paddle of Death, but that didn't really help him deal with the pain. Another thing that probably didn't help: His decision to bring a bottle of Tiger Bone and go shot for shot with Sean Evans.


Things fly off the rails in the best way possible, but in between all the madness N.O.R.E. still manages to rate some iconic music execs, weigh in on the most hip-hop drinks of all time, and share the story of squashing the beef between Jay Z and Fat Joe.

This is Hot Ones at its most insane. Strap in!

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