It’s the season for giving. And while Sean Evans has put himself on the line time and time again this year—enduring the pain of hot sauces like Mad Dog 357 and Blair's Mega Death for our twisted amusement—the host has one more gift for Hot Ones fans before 2016 finally draws to a close.

Still donning his chili pepper-red Santa outfit, Sean recently sat down to answer some of the Internet’s most burning Hot Ones questions ahead of the launch of Season 3 next year. From his humble beginnings as a David Letterman fanboy, to the prospect of adding even hotter hot sauces to lineup in 2017, our fearless leader outlines where we’ve been, where we are now, and what lays ahead in our capsaicin-packed future.

And finally, for any conspiracy theorists out there questioning the heat of those sauce-slathered flats and drums, Sean has one simple message: “Trust that those wings are hot as fuck.”

There you have it. And if your question wasn’t answered in the video above, feel free to blow up our mentions on Twitter as usual.

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