Every year, the U.S. throws some 60 million tons of perfectly good food in the trash, losing roughly $160 billion dollars in the process. But luckily, Chris Pratt—rising action hero that he is—did his part to combat food waste during his time as a Los Angeles waiter, eating all of his customers’ leftovers once they were finished with their meals.

OK, so this isn’t completely accurate; Pratt didn’t go dumpster diving in the hopes of saving humanity. More than anything, the actor was dead broke before making it big with Parks and Recreation and Jurassic World, and happened to get his daily dose of protein from half-eaten steaks at the restaurant where worked.

Stopping by The Graham Norton Show last week with Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence, Pratt shared an amusing—albeit mildly disgusting anecdote—about living off people’s discarded lunches.

“A lady would come and she’d be like, ‘What do you recommend?’ And I’m like, ‘32-ounce porterhouse,” Pratt said. “I would always tell them, ‘Listen, here’s how you want it: medium rare, with some mushrooms on the side. I’ll get you some mashed potatoes. You’re gonna love this ma’am.’”

The story ends with Pratt’s elderly customer asking for her leftovers to feed her dog, and the actor pretending to dig through the trash for it after inhaling the meat himself. Ultimately, the restaurant’s managers tried their best to put an end to Pratt’s schemes.

“I'd been busted so many times eating off people's plates that they were like, 'You have to stop doing that,'" Pratt says in the clip “‘It’s really, really bad.’”

This man will never stop being Andy Dwyer.

[via FWx]