Anthony Bourdain has been to Rome before.Throughout his travels, it's safe to assume that the chef has become well introduced to landmarks like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Vatican, not to mention the droves of fanny pack-wearing tourists and American fast-food chains that surround them.

Back in the city for the season finale of "Parts Unknown," Bourdain—like all frequent travelers to Italy—wants to blaze a trail to the "real" Rome, one that exists outside of the overpriced pasta carbonara and study abroad students.

To do this, Bourdain begins with an espresso (which must be consumed either before 11 a.m. or noon, depending who you ask) and a bombe, a cream-filled, doughnut-like pastry that even our intrepid host had never heard of before.

From there, the chef heads to a small, family-owned restaurant where an Italian grandmother prepared Bourdain the same pasta she's been making for decades. Finally wising up to the fact that a Bourdain consign can turn an off-the-radar eatery into a haven for hipsters and foodies, the chef refuses to reveal the name of the restaurant.

In short, Bourdain set out to see "the real Rome, not the temples and monuments of a long-dead empire, a place where people struggle everyday to live and to love." Well, Tony, we think you succeeded.

[via YouTube/CNN]