We’re only three weeks into Potluck Dinner Party, and already Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s odd couple friendship is shaping up to be must-watch television every Monday night. And while last week’s episode teetered on the edge of TV-MA, with Rick Ross giving the lifestyle goddess a very intimate shoulder massage on camera, Episode 3 aims to be at least a bit more wholesome, with Martha and Snoop tapping 2 Chainz, Naya Rivera, and Chris Bosh to walk through some Thanksgiving preparations.

With a few live birds roaming around the set, the hosts show their guests how to roast and carve a turkey, and give tips on dealing with obnoxious relatives at the dinner table.

“Thanksgiving is a time we all gather together, to eat a big bird that once had a whole lot of feathers,” Snoop says in his Turkey Day prayer. “Cranberries, stuffing, and hot pumpkin pie. But football featuring the Detroit Lions? I have no idea why.”

“I like white meat, Miss Martha,” the rapper adds as his co-host starts to cut the bird.

From Stewart’s signature cider bourbon cocktail, to a performance from the singer Dreezy let’s all hope our Thanksgiving are as lit as Martha and Snoop’s.