Since its premiere on Comedy Central in 2013, Drunk History has provided America with sloppy, nonsensical stories about some of its most recognizable figures, from Abraham Lincoln, to Elvis Presley, to Richard Nixon. Now, as the series’ fourth season comes to a close, Drunk History is turning its beer goggle gaze to Julia Child, the late celebrity chef and cookbook author credited with bring French cooking to the U.S.

According to a very inebriated Lyric Lewis, Child was a 6’3 “dumb tall” spy who helped the Office of Strategic Services develop shark repellent for underwater bombs. The comedian paints Child as a humdrum giantess who only eats cans of creamed corn until her husband, Paul, takes her on trip to Paris to expand her culinary palette.

While it’s difficult to imagine Child burping on the job, or saying the phrase “cool, cool, cool; tight, tight, tight” on her honeymoon, the chef actually was a spy—sort of. According to the ABC News, Child did work for the OSS—an early version of the CIA created by President Franklin Roosevelt—during World War II. Though Child began as a typist, her superiors determined that she was “better qualified to fill a more responsible position." No word, however, on if Child's top secret missions ever included shark repelent. 

[via Eater]