Fans of Hot Ones know that Sean Evans' third favorite place to be—besides in the studio across from a sweating guest, or on his love seat in front of a new episode of The Bachelor—is Heatonist in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The impeccably curated hot-sauce boutique is the brain-child of Noah Chaimberg, the pepper pro who hooked us up with Homeboy's Hot Sauce to create the Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle hot sauce. For heat-seekers like Evans, it's a sensory Valhalla full of products you won't find anywhere else. 

In his off-week from Hot Ones, Evans embarked on a mission to dig deeper into the Scoville world and track down some new contenders for the Season 3 hot-sauce lineup. Naturally, he beelined straight for his chili-head guru to taste through some of the newest and most explosive bottles on the Heatonist shelves.

Hot Ones will return next Thursday, 11/10, with an extra-special episode featuring one of the most requested guests yet: Action Bronson! Deep's a wild ride.

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