In the vast pantheon of fast-food hamburgers, few items have amassed a more cult-like following than the original White Castle slider. Just two inches wide and a few centimeters thick, the restaurant’s thin, steam-grilled patty is famously laid on a bed of chopped onions and topped with a slice of pickle. And while the chain’s legacy has grown to almost mythical proportions in recent years thanks to an endless array stoner comedies, most fast-food buffs can recall with perfect detail the first time they cracked open a Crave Case as a child.

Hyper-aware of the influence White Castle holds in the culinary world, Foodbeast recently launched a new video series called For The Love Of The Slider, which follows a number of chefs as they attempt to put their own, personal spin on the classic burger. In the most recent installment, the site teams up with Jordan Andino, the 27-year-old chef behind the Filipino taqueria 2nd City in Manhattan’s West Village.

Like any cook who’s worshipped at the altar of the all-mighty slider, Andino was first introduced to White Castle as a young boy by his father.

“I’m pretty sure the first time I had it, we took a road trip to go see one of my dad’s best friends, and then he introduced me to it,” the chef tells Foodbeast while sitting in a local White Castle. “He was like, ‘This is what we’re going to do,’ and we ordered a Crave Case for the first time. That’s what we did. That was like our thing together.”

Back at 2nd City, Andino draws upon Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino flavors to create his own “Amasian” slider. After throwing the White Castle patties and buns on the grill, the chef tops the burger with scallion, pickled onion, fried pork belly, avocado, and a miso sauce.

“Boom! There you have it, fam,” Andino says. “Amasian sliders, only at 2nd City.”

[via Foodbeast]