It's been a wild first day at ComplexCon in Long Beach, Complex's cultural mega-fest in Long Beach, CA. The First We Feast food truck zone was packed with hungry fans, Cam'ron dropped some chopped-cheese knowledge on us, and D'Angelo Russell randomly decided to pop in on a Hot Ones Live taping with Tony Hawk.

The Los Angeles Laker point guard paid his respect to The Birdman and host Sean Evans, but fans weren't letting him get away that easily. After a little peer-pressuring, he decided that the only acceptable exit strategy was to chomp a bite of wing #10, which of course was slathered in Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage.

The pain was swift, and Russell eventually escaped the cameras and started begging for milk. 

If you're a Lakers fan, don't worry—Anthony Rizzo also came on Hot Ones and ate the hottest wing, and he's now a World Series Champion. Hot Ones is the anti-curse.

And if you're a fan of Tony Hawk, stay tuned—the full live taping will be up on First We Feast's YouTube page very shortly.