Could there be a more perfect Hot Ones guest than Action Bronson? He's among the most requested competitors by fans, and for good reason: The Queens rapper and Fuck, That's Delicious host combines dexterous lyricism with an unbridled passion for the culinary world. He is also a beast when it comes to hot food, an icon of beardsmanship, and generally a dude who does not give a fuck. A damn-near perfect recipe for an Internet wings show.

Action Bronson Hot Ones Party

Being the gentleman that he is, Bronsolino brought a bottle of rare sparkling wine to the table, not to mention an excellent plus-one in the form of FTD co-star Big Body Bes. Watch him work his way up the paddle of death while weighing in on everything from human judo throws, to legendary TV chefs, to the wonders of Guy Fieri's goatee.

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