At just age 20, Martin Garrix is already an international superstar. His single with Bebe Rexha, "In the Name of Love," is tearing up the charts. He jet sets around the world, hopping in and out of private jets and playing to massive festival crowds. And, no big deal, but he was just named DJ Mag's #1 DJ in the entire world. So it only makes sense that the Dutch sensation would become the first DJ (well, besides Khaled) to step into the Hot Ones arena and submit to some spicy wings and burning questions from Sean Evans. 

Martin Garrix Hot Ones GIF

It seems that life in the Netherlands didn't quite prepare Garrix for the Scoville levels of Pain 100% and Mad Dog 357. Still, he proved his grit and determination as he powered through wing after wing, weighing in on everything from the simple joys of being a wedding DJ, to why he'd trade a helicopter for a bike any day. Let the beat drop...

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