As we inch closer and closer to the series premiere next month, Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party is shaping up to be a booze and weed-fueled half-hour of debauchery. On Wednesday, Snoop and Stewart stopped by Ellen to preview their odd couple chemistry in the kitchen, whipping up some fresh gnocchi, as well as a few of the rapper’s “Laidback” cocktails—Tanqueray No. Ten, Ciroc Apple, club soda, and orange juice.

“To success and nothing less, we back on Ellen,” Snoop says by way of a toast.

Still, the most memorable moment of the show came when the pair teamed up with Anna Kendrick to play “Never Have I Ever.” The very first topic—“Never have I ever sexted”—gave the studio audience what they were looking for. Unsurprisingly, Snoop was the first to turn his paddle to “I have,” then Kendrick, and finally the 75-year-old Stewart, as the crowd screamed and clapped in approval.

“Martha, you’ve sexted?” DeGeneres asked. “Do you know what that is?”

“I have used technology for a lot longer than you have, Ellen,” Stewart shot back.

Though the lifestyle goddess refused to give anymore details on exactly who she was sexting, she also revealed that she’s been to a nude beach.

If you thought it wasn’t possible for weed-smoking, malt liquor-drinking, ex-con Martha Stewart to be anymore of a badass, think again.

[via MissInfo]