This week, the Daily Show correspondent, stand-up comedian, and Homecoming King star Hasan Minhaj steps into the inferno for the closest thing Hot Ones will ever have to an Election Special. You think Sean Evans can't eat fiery wings while asking questions about the RNC and issuing Trump hot takes? Somebody call Sean Hannity! This is habanero-hot punditry at its finest.

Hasan Minhaj x Joe La Puma GIF

Of course, this being Hot Ones, the pair don't get too bogged down in politics. As Minhaj goes through the full range of hot-sauce emotions—despair, confusion, cocaine-like elation—he delves into everything from his bucket-list experience at the NBA Finals, to the time he parodied Joe La Puma's "Sneaker Shopping" series with DJ Khaled.

He's also got a novel suggestion for the next place to bring the Hot Ones challenge: Guantanamo Bay. The pain is that real.

Check out the video above to see Hasan Minhaj scale the heights of mount Scoville, and pay the consequences.

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