Bobby Lee has a storied career as a stand-up comedian (watch this now), an actor (Mad TV was the sort of love-hate program that's the stuff of television lore), and podcast host (catch him on Tiger Belly with his girlfriend, Khalyla). But he also has an ignominious past as someone who has defecated, semi-accindteally, on both live TV and inside his boss's office.

Combine super-spicy wings with a guy whose bowel-control track record is spotty at best, and you've got the recipe for an explosive Hot Ones. Lee undergoes a visceral transformation as he battles through the Scoville onslaught, expressing his love for Sean and then revealing his desire to maybe punch him in the face (but only because of the sauce).

Bobby Lee Hot Ones GIF

During the march to Blair's Mega Death, Lee shares hilarious anecdotes about meeting Richard Simmons, living in squalor as a young comic, and appearing in Eminem's 'We Made You" music video.

Watch the video above to see the gloriously insane unraveling of Bobby Lee.

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