Being an NFL Pro Bowler is sure evidence that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is tough as nails. Starring in an E! Entertainment Television reality dating show called Catching Kelce (premieres October 5 at 9pm EST) is evidence that he is also down to make suspect decisions in the name of good #content. And so, it only made sense to invite Kelce into the Hot Ones studio to take on the 10 wings of death and answer some burning questions from host Sean Evans.

Travis Kelce Cries

As Kelce struggled—and we do mean struggled—with the likes of Da Bomb Beyond Insanity and Mad Dog 357, he summoned the strength to talk about his beloved Cleveland Cavs, the craziest thing he bought with his $46-million contract extension, and the charms of Kansas City. Also, let it be said: No sips of water. No sips of milk. It may not have been pretty, but Kelce's Scoville sprint was certainly impressive in terms of pure, grin-and-bear-it moxie.

Strap in—we haven't seen this much willpower exerted on the show since Gronk stepped up to the challenge.

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