Here at Hot Ones HQ, we have a lot of love for our core fan base, whose enthusiasm has helped propel this ridiculous YouTube wings show into a ridiculous YouTube wings show with more than 30 episodes under its belt. We jokingly refer to these Scoville zealous as the #HotOnesHive, and the de facto leader is Brett Baker, whose weekly Hot Ones Power Rankings are a constant source of inspiration.

Another name that's synonymous with the #HotOnesHive is comedian Bert Kreischer, who was our first celebrity fan, tweeting at Sean incessantly to tell him to eat the whole wing and devoting whole segments of his Bertcast podcast to episode recaps. We've been trying to get Bert into the studio for ages, and it was everything we hoped it would be and more.

Let it be said: You could not cook up a better Hot Ones guest if you went into create-a-player mode and built him from scratch. Kreischer has lived many lives, all of which involve partying and being awesome. His legendary college antics inspired the movie Van Wilder, and his standup is anchored by some of the most outrageous anecdotes you've ever heard. (Seriously, you need to hear "The Machine" story.")

Watch him achieve #PeakBert as he appears on Hot Ones, a show he's been riding for since day one. Shout out to Bert, the O.G. celeb Hot Ones fan!

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