From David Chang to Sean Brock to April Bloomfield to Edward Lee, over the course of the last four years The Mind of a Chef has allowed viewers a glimpse inside the psyches of some of the world's most promising culinary talents. Transcending the standard cooking show tropes of infomercial-ready recipes and brightly-lit food porn, the show captures the more esoteric principles that drive chefs to innovate everyday in the kitchen.

Now, PBS has released the trailer for the fifth season of its Emmy Award-winning docuseries, premiering this fall. As is the norm, executive producer Anthony Bourdain will narrate the eight new episodes as the camera gives viewers a chance to get to know Ludo Lefebvre, the French chef behind Trois Familia, Petit Trois, Trois Mec, and Ludo Bird in Los Angeles.

In prior seasons, the series has largely focused on the specific cities and locales that have informed each chef's world view. In Season 1, David Chang, the mastermind behind Momofuku Noodle Bar, took viewers to the ramen shops of Japan; in Season 2, Husk's executive chef Sean Brock detailed the culinary traditions of his native South Carolina. Lefebvre's run on the show is sure to highlight the culture of his adopted home, LA.

In April, after it was announced that Lefebvre would be the subject of Season 5, the chef spoke with GQ via email.

"This season, I will explore my 20 years in LA, and I don't think I could have had this career in any other city in the world," he explained. "LA is so unique and offers such great opportunity, [but] we will also head off to France and Paris and look back on my 12 years when I learned from some of the greats.​"

Earlier this year, First We Feast gave fans a brief preview into the mind of Lefebvre, with the chef outlining the 10 dishes that made his career—items like poulet de Bresse​ and his mother's shephard's pie. 

“I was abused all day," he said of his first apprenticeship in a kitchen. "But I loved it.”

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