In a clip that makes the shower scene from Psycho feel tame, some lunatic has filmed himself bathing in a tub full of hot sauce and chili peppers, fully submerging himself in the fiery, viscous liquid. 

If we’ve learned anything after more than a year of shooting Hot Ones, it’s that those who don’t respect the awesome, pain-inducing power of the sauce often end up paying the greatest price. In the beginning of the video, Cemre Candar, a YouTube personality from the UK, can be seen confidently pouring bucket after bucket of hot sauce into his bath until the tub is brimming with roughly 1,250 bottles of chili juice.

As first, things don’t seem so bad; maybe a little tingly, but tolerable. But as soon as Candar utters the word, “Oh my god, it’s in my butt,” it’s predictably all downhill from there.

Despite the excruciating, full-body pain the man appears to be in (thankfully he’s wearing a bathing suit…),  he proceeds to chomp on a few chilis before dunking his head in the sauce.

Finally, Candar says mercy, climbing out of the tub and falling into the fetal position in the shower.

“I’ve been through hell, and come back,” he says at the end of the clip. “It was in my nose. It was in my ears. This was the greatest idea I ever had.”

Whatever you say, buddy.

[via Foodbeast, CemreCandar/YouTube]