Joe Budden may be stirring up headlines these days with his string of Drake disses, but let's be real: We've always wanted to get Jersey City emcee into the hot seat. While taking on the likes of Pain 100% and Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity, the hip-hop rabble-rouser proves that whether it's a hot-sauce duel or a rap battle, he never backs down.


Few guests know how to dodge and weave in an interview as artfully as Budden, so host Sean Evans tries to use the onslaught of Scovilles to get him to open up about his feelings about Drizzy, as well as the fans who he recently chased with rocks. He also sets the record straight on other weighty topics, including the pantheon of hip-hop beards, the best diner in New Jersey, and proper strip-club etiquette. 

"I'm kind of surprised you and I are sitting here now," says Budden, who never holds his tongue about the shortcomings of hip-hop media. Watch the video about to see what he thinks about the Internet's most ridiculous wings show.

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