On Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show, comedian Eric Andre takes the format of late-night TV shows and flips it on its head, turning his set into a gonzo celebrity dystopia full of vermin and vomit. So, needless to say, we were curious to see what he'd make of our ridiculous interview format, where each question is accompanied by an increasingly spicy chicken wing. His take on the experience: "This is a nightmare, dude." 

Eric Andre Internet GIF

As he sweats his way up the Scoville scale, Andre talks about the celebrities who had the worst time on his show (and what happened when he ran into Lauren Conrad after her episode); his theories on Instagram's dick-pic policies; and various sexual maneuvers that he invented (if someone suggests a "French Exit," run for the hills).

Not since T.J. Miller has a guest gone quite as insane—or become as destructive—under the duress of sauces like Mad Dog 357 and Pain 100%. To battle through the hellish wings, Andre is forced to channel the spirit of Coolio and Tay Zonday. In his own eternal words, "You gotta give the Internet what they want."

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