Typically, when a fight breaks out at a fast-food restaurant—and we’ve seen a lot of them over the years—the scene quickly devolves into chaos. Chairs are thrown, drinks are spilled, and the poor soul filming the ordeal is usually left screaming “World Star!” as his ketchup-covered hands struggle to keep the camera steady.

This, however, was not the case at Taco Bell drive-thru in Indiana recently, where a man could be heard casually ordering his food while two women began wrestling on the parking lot pavement.

“Uh, yeah, can I have three chicken soft tacos, fresco-style?” the customer says as the women start swinging at one another. The slogan “Your best decision of the day,” flashes on the drive-thru screen. “I think original chicken,” he adds.

Soon, a few fireman stroll over and try to break up the fight, which at this point has turned into a hair-pulling match on the ground. Still unphased, the man continues with his order, keeping the fight perfectly framed on his phone.

“Can I have a large diet Coke, and can I have a chicken quesadilla?” he asks. “That’s it.”

Not all heroes wear capes, kids.

[via BroBible]