Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s diet is the stuff of legends. According to FiveThirtyEight, the 44-year-old former WWE wrestler consumes 5,390 calories, 10.5 pounds of food, and over seven meals per day to maintain his rock-like physique. Last year, our own Sean Evans took on the Herculean challenge of eating like Johnson for a day, and the results were predictably grim.

But between the massive amounts of cod and egg whites Johnson shovels into his mouth on a daily basis, apparently candy has no place on his strict diet. It’s well-known that the Rock hasn’t indulged in candy in decades, last eating a Twizzler at a movie theater in 1989.

Still, appearing on the Tonight Show Friday to promote his new movie, Central Intelligence, Johnson found himself being peer-pressured into breaking his 27-year no-candy run by Jimmy Fallon. After promising not to put a large, phallic-shaped gummy worm in Johnson’s mouth, Fallon made the actor tilt his head back so he could serve him a packet of Pop Rox.

“So that’s what candy tastes like?” Johnson said to cheers from the crowd. “Wow, that’s amazing!”

[via Tonight Show/YouTube]