Over the years, beer pong has gotten a little too easy. In 2016, most college kids can hit a red Solo cup from 10 yards away with one arm tied behind their backs. That's why true beer pong competitors have started to make the game more interesting whenever possible, leaping over tables for dunks and stacking cups into towering "Beeramids."

Now, some geniuses have taken a household appliance and potentially revolutionized competitive drinking as we've come to know and love it. Using two Roombas—the circular, robotic vacuum cleaners made popular in the early 2000s—a group of day-drinkers show how beer pong changes when the cups are no longer stationary, with the device continually tracing the perimeter of two small, square tables. 

While Roomba adds and extra challenge to the game, it should be noted that the machines cost roughly $325 each, and are not especially beer-proof. "All you need is 12 cups, some beer, and $800 worth of vacuum cleaners," one Redditor points out. "Its all fun and games until a cup is knocked over and the Roomba doesn't work anymore," adds another.

The consequences of a spill could indeed be quite dire. 

"The machines will use this as evidence against us after the Uprising," another Redditor wrote. "We have forsaken ourselves."

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