Talk about adding insult to injury.

Saturday evening, after taking a right upper-cut to the chin from Andre Berto, former welterweight champion Victor Ortiz fell to the mat of the StubHub Center, unable to continue fighting. "I didn't see it coming," he said after the knockout. "The guy doesn't hit soft."

But Berto’s fist wasn’t the only thing “Vicious” Victor didn’t see until it was too late. While exiting the ring, amid deafening boos from the crowd, Ortiz was struck hard in the head with what appears to be a pizza box.

A disgruntled fan lunged forward just as the fighter was making his way to the locker room, hurling the trash at his face at the perfect moment. A brawl with security ensued and the man continued to yell insults at Ortiz in Spanish as he walked away.

"I haven't had the perfect career, but I guarantee all the fans here enjoyed my fight," Ortiz said after the bout. Apparently this guy just didn’t get the memo.

Berto later expressed his disapproval of the scene via Twitter:

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