In one of the more entertaining videos in recent memory, a drunk, shirtless man ran into R. Kelly at a Nathan’s Famous hot dog stand in Jacksonville, Florida. Utterly inebriated and unconvinced that the person standing before him is in fact the Grammy Award-winning R&B artist, he bets R. Kelly $100 that he can beat him in a singing competition.

Donning a pair of dark shades and a baseball cap, Kelly proceeds to launch into an earth-shattering acapella rendition of 1993’s "Bump N’ Grind," holding out the last note as the crowd around them screams.

Still shirtless and still wasted, the man remains unconvinced and refuses to pay up, but Kelly is a good sport throughout.

“Oh, shit! This muthafucka drunk as hell!” Kelly shouts before throwing his arm around the man.

[via XXL]