Waffle House has long existed as a breading ground for wild and reckless behavior. Now, in the latest episode of chain restaurant brawls, the New Orleans rapper Juvenile reportedly attacked a customer after the man insulted his wife on Friday night. 

According to TMZ, who obtained video footage from the restaurant in South Carolina, the man said "Juvenile here, here come all the hoes now" when he entered the building. The rapper took the comment as a sign of disrespect aimed at his partner and swung at the man. 

Juvenile and his posse fled the scene before police were able to arrive, and, according to TMZ, no report was taken. On Wednesday, the man who Juvenile allegedly "beat to a pulp" supplied the website with photos showing injuries from the scuffle. The man, who chose not to give his name, appears to have suffered a black eye and a gash above his nose. Though he won't be pressing charges (according to TMZ, he's a "huge" Juvenile fan), he's hired a lawyer and is considering suing the rapper. In addition to the facial injuries, he told the website he also sustained rib and kidney injuries​.

Best known for 1999's "Back That Azz Up" and 2004's "Slow Motion," Juvenile has continued to release records over the years, with his next studio album, 800 Degreez, due out before the end of 2016. While he's had run-ins with the police over a number of petty crimes, in 2001, he was charged with aggravated battery after beating a man with a bottle of champagne, and in 2012 he was arrested again for participating in a brawl at a hotel in Miami

Waffle House, a favorite of Southern rappers, seems to attract chaos at times. Just last month, the comedian Katt Williams fled to a Waffle House in Atlanta after throwing a salt shaker at a waiter at a nearby seafood restaurant. 

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