Hennessy has long existed as a fixture in hip-hop culture, from 2Pac calling the brown liquor his “role model,” to Drake making sure to keep a glass of the cognac in his hand on “One Dance.”

Still, despite Henny’s widespread popularity, few could have guessed how versatile the drink is in the kitchen, serving as a marinade, a salad dressing, a broth, and a syrup. Luckily, Harvey J—a burgeoning social media star who seems to straddle the line between chef and rapper—is here to teach the world the many culinary benefits of Henny.

Always donning a white robe and a headband to hold back his dreads, Harvey drenches a whole chicken in cognac before stuffing the bottle in the bird and sticking it in the oven. “It’s going to be succulent as fuck,” he says, licking his lips. “You’re going to need pepper, sea salt, and the magic juice itself.”

“We lit!” he screams, tasting his creation. “Hold up, this shit fire.”

Harvey can also be seen dousing pancakes, salad, and steak in the "magic juice." Other strokes of genius include a Henny-based ramen and Henny eggs.

"If it ain't dirty enough, poor a little more," he advises. "Which came first, the Hen or the egg?"