Martha Stewart, queen of the culinary world that she is, has long collected a roster of unlikely friendships. She smoked weed and chugged beers with Snoop Dogg and Jeff Ross at the Justin Bieber roast last summer, and over the years she’s developed an odd, semi-alarming kinship with photographer/alleged deviant Terry Richardson.

But before Stewart started spanking Andy Cohen’s ass with a paddle, she was a chef first and foremost. And today’s new class of culinary heroes know the importance of studying her moves.

David Chang, the 38-year-old mastermind behind the Momofuku restaurant group, joined Stewart at her home in Bedford, New York on Tuesday to cook dinner for the winners of a recent charity auction. Always on the cutting-edge, Stewart has started utilizing Facebook Live, broadcasting her somewhat awkward evening with Chang out to 31,000 fans.

I went [to Momofuku Noodle Bar] and never left, because I love those buns so much,” Stewart said. “David always says that he was nervous on my show. I can’t believe it. I was nervous having him.

“I always continue to learn from you,” Chang added, paying the proper respects to his elder.

Stewart later to views on a mini-tour of her home, making sure to point out her fern (“It’s so gorgeous,” Chang gushes), and some feathers from her one-year-old peacock. (Yes, Martha Stewart owns a baby peacock.)

The evening concludes with the pair making plans to dine together again soon.

“She’s the greatest dining companion ever,” Chang said to the camera. “I’m in.”

[via Martha Stewart]