Let this be a lesson to us all: The phrase “don’t try this at home” is not just a tired cliché.

A girl from China reportedly tried to recreate a stunt performed by “Eater Yang,” a YouTube personality who found a way to gobble down an ear of corn in under 10 seconds by strapping the food to a power drill.

While the original clip appeared to be a success—going viral in recent days—the copycat attempt ended in horror, with the girl ripping out a chunk of hair after getting it caught in the grips of the machine.

The emulation of Internet buffoonery rarely ends in anything but disaster. In 2014, an extreme online drinking game called “NekNominate” drove people to gulp down alcohol mixed with dog food and engine oil, and later that year millennials were filming themselves barreling down Slip n’ Slides while playing flip cup.

Still, the expression on the girl’s face as her bangs are yanked into the drill borders on sheer terror. As Mashable notes, a second video later shows the girl receiving medical treatment for her injury, and it’s been reported that the hair could take years to grow back.